Teaching What Matters: Activating Happiness, Kindness, and Altruism

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All through history, people have wanted to be happy and have a good life. The most worthy and important thing adults can do for teens during these very important years is to give them chances and encourage them to open their hearts to the world, to others, and to themselves. The book Teaching What Matters has come at the right time. Teenagers and young people are more likely than ever to have anxiety, depression, and long-term stress. Parents, teachers, principals, businesses, the public, and even government agencies are becoming more interested in social and emotional learning and “teaching to the whole child.” Teaching What Matters was written by a teacher who has been teaching their whole life to help other teachers add social and emotional skills to their lessons. This book takes Banno’s life-changing and very popular high school course and turns it into a guidebook for teens who want to learn more about the science of happiness and kindness. There are practical lessons, learning goals, overarching reflection and discussion questions, summaries of new research in positive psychology and other academic fields, assessments, and teaching techniques all over Teaching What Matters. Teaching What Matters will give teens the power to make their own lives happier and more kind, as well as the lives of others.

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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Chapter 1: An Invitation to Teach What Matters

Chapter 2: Redefining Success

Precept #1: In order to live a successful life, we must figure out what it means to get a life.

Precept #2: Money, as a marker of success, buys happiness just not in the ways we think it does.

Precept #3: Keep it real. Develop an inner integrity to live successfully

Precept #4: Creating and committing to meaningful life goals liberate us from the tyranny of passive living.

Chapter 3: Happiness as an Inside Job. Developing emotional courage, befriending difficult emotions, cultivating positive emotions, optimism and an attitude of gratitude.

Precept #5: To be human is to be emotional, so befriend your emotions.

Precept #6: Let positivity reign. Cultivate positivity, positive emotions and optimism.

Chapter 4: It’s About Time: Giving Some Intention to Our Attention

Precept #7: Maximize aliveness by examining your relationship with time.

Precept #8: Exploring mindfulness helps to better understand the anatomy of the present and calmness in those moments.

Precept #9: Savor more and improve your relationship with time.

Precept #10: Redefine your relationship with time by rediscovering playfulness and flow.

Chapter 5: The Heart of Altruism: Compassion, Human Goodness, and Helping Others.

Precept #11: The world is not broken. There is another side to human nature. One that is constructive, benevolent, and good.

Precept #12: Heroism is always accessible and able to be chosen. We are all heroes in waiting.

Precept #13: In search of the antecedents of human goodness altruism turns up not only in nature but also in the evolutionary history of animals and humans.

Precept #14: Human nature is full of goodness, altruism, compassion and kindness.



Specification: Teaching What Matters: Activating Happiness, Kindness, and Altruism

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