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Fire in the Classroom: Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and the Craft of Teaching

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In Fire in the Classroom: Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and the Craft of Teaching, Ray Smilor’s consummate skill has produced a book that frees teachers to be more creative, inspires in them the courage to light fires in their courses, laboratories, and projects, and equips them with the tools to unleash the creativity of their students.

— Norval C. Kneten, senior advisor, Council of Independent Colleges; former president, Barton College, Wilson, North Carolina

Fire in the Classroom is a great book. I love the way Smilor weaves major thinkers and creators into the examples of creative, successful teaching. I appreciate the way he uses classic movies, references to well-known books and authors like Shakespeare, John Gardner, Peter Drucker, Dag Hammarskjold, Stephen Covey, and Walter Isaacson, and analogies to river rafting, jazz, improvisation, and the butterfly effect, to enhance topics that will inspire teachers!

— Tahita Fulkerson, founding president, Trinity River Campus, Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, Texas

Fire in the Classroom will spark the curiosity of any teacher, whether a teaching assistant, a newly minted PhD, or a tenured professor. Ray Smilor writes as he teaches—with enthusiasm for the job and respect for the student. I recommend this book to anyone considering teaching as a profession, or to anyone deep in the throes of academic teaching already. Follow the guidelines that Smilor provides through his infinite wisdom and candor, and you are bound to help students discover a heated passion for learning.

— Suzanne Carter, professor of practice in strategy and executive director, EMBA program, Texas Christian University; president, board of directors, Texas Women in Higher Education (TWHE)

Dr. Ray Smilor is a master teacher who exemplifies the fire in the classroom. His insights and guidance in Fire in the Classroom: Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and the Craft of Teaching offer a roadmap for all educators to follow to craft their skills.

— Donald F. Kuratko, Jack M. Gill Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship, The Kelly School of Business, Indiana University-Bloomington

Fire in the Classroom is a wonderful journey on which I feel privileged to have gone; every educator should give themselves the gift of reading it. As a teacher, I came away more grounded than ever in the importance of my craft. As a colleague, I came away touched by Smilor’s thinking and inspired to grow. And, because he reminds us that teaching is a human endeavor, I came away deeply hopeful about the future. Teaching has always had me jumping out of bed at 5am without need for an alarm clock. But this book has given meaning to my passion and provided a powerful lens for me to think about what I do as a craft with the potential to change the world.

— Alex Bruton, former teaching professor, engineering and entrepreneurship, University of Calgary; co-founder and Chief Transformation Officer, Educators Pro

Great teaching is about impacting lives. And every great teacher has their own distinct style for doing so. In Fire in the Classroom: Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and the Craft of Teaching, Smilor shares the secrets that are commonly practiced among teachers who not only touch the minds but also the hearts and souls of their students.

— Michael Morris, professor, entrepreneurship and social innovation, Keough School of Global Affairs, University of Notre Dame

Ray Smilor has done the teaching profession a great service with this book. He has identified the four requirements of great teachers: a deep knowledge of their chosen field; a commitment to their students as customers and learners; an ability to deliver content in ways that enable each student to learn; and a passion to continually improve as a teacher. Fire in the Classroom includes stories, exercises, and suggestions that will be useful to any teacher. I wish he had written this book years ago.

— Jana Matthews, ANZ Chair in Business Growth, director, Australian Centre for Business Growth, University of South Australia

Fire in the Classroom is a treasure trove of diverse teaching and learning gems that combines inspiration, philosophy, and pragmatism. Ray Smilor not only inspires readers to be better teachers, but he also provides valuable perspectives and insights on the craft of teaching while always offering practical tools, techniques, and next steps for teachers. Great stuff!

— Greg Fisher, Larry and Barbara Sharpf Professorship in Entrepreneurship, department of management and entrepreneurship, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University-Bloomington

I absolutely loved Fire in the Classroom; Ray Smilor is such a wonderful storyteller. I wish I had read this early in my career. But even for someone who is as seasoned as me, I was still inspired. Countless faculty and their students will benefit greatly from Smilor’s willingness to share his journey and wisdom.

— Rebecca White, James W. Walter Distinguished Chair in Entrepreneurship, director, John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center, Sykes College of Business, University of Tampa

Fire in the Classroom: Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and the Craft of Teaching is a beautifully crafted book that shows a path that leads to authentic learning experiences. Smilor reinstates the noble profession of teaching and provides a successful guide for any teacher to excel in the classroom.

— Sunil Shukla, director, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

Fire in the Classroom is an indispensable guide for those in the teaching profession. Ray shares his years of experience and expertise to show teachers how to engender a classroom for creativity and how to sustain their passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to their craft and to their students. Read, reflect upon, and use this book that is filled with wisdom and inspiration.

— Dr. Georgy Laptev, head, faculty of economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia

Biografía del autor

Dr. Ray Smilor is a master teacher who has taught at every educational level. As an author, public speaker, and expert in entrepreneurship, he has presented on and received awards for teaching excellence and innovation in the United States and internationally.

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